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WHAT IS IT? The Campus Global platform is an initiative of the Argentine government that promotes the international mobility of Argentine students, teachers, researchers, artists and other interested parties, and opportunities for foreign students in Argentina.


WHAT IS IT FOR? We want to provide an answer to the most frequently asked question from citizens seeking international scholarships, namely "Is there a place where all the information can be found?" Likewise, we want to strengthen the efforts of national and international, public and private institutions which generate these opportunities.


Therefore, the platform aims to bring together information which, at present, is spread all over different Internet sites. Its main goals are: 1. Providing scholarship generators with a free tool to strengthen institutional information strategies without wasting or duplicating efforts; 2. Offering a public tool that democratizes and facilitates access to the opportunities that the world has to offer to people who would like to participate in an international mobility program.

In addition, institutions offering scholarships that have an assigned username and password will be able to manage the uploading of their opportunities by accessing a form with the following characteristics:

  1. Bilingual: there is a version with section headings translated into English. The end user will read the titles of the fields in Spanish. In fields that are available for free text, you can write in any language, although Spanish is recommended.
  2. Flexible: there are few fields identified as mandatory, which are essential for providing basic information about the opportunity. All other fields are optional. If you decide to leave these blank, by default the box will say "See Bases and Conditions" and offer a link to the scholarship.
  3. Dynamic: if the categories included in the filters or the default phrases do not meet the needs of the scholarship you want to publish, it is possible to ask the Administrator to add a new category or phrase.
  4. Descriptive: after each default phrase, an optional free text field is offered so that the opportunity generator can include any additional description required.
  5. Timetable: it is possible to establish an effective date for the opportunity, after which the publication will no longer be visible to the end user (although it does not disappear from the platform). This avoids publishing expired calls that are occasional, unique or sporadic. However, calls uploaded without a valid date will be permanently visible.
  6. Efficient: the characteristics of the form, if used correctly by the generator at the time of uploading the opportunity, will make maintenance minimal or nil.


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National Directorate of International Cooperation Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology campusglobal@educacion.gob.ar coop.internacional@educacion.gob.ar


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